Friday, August 31, 2012

Zombie Fight In Progress

In lieu of any finished work (since there isn't any to really show yet), I figured I could post an in-progress thesis illustration.

This is a drawing for an interior book illustration for a part of my thesis. Two chicks fighting zombies--that's right, they're badasses.

I still need to work on this more (obviously), but like where it's headed. Now that I look at the image smaller--and after some time away from it--I'm wondering if I should move up the girl in the foreground since that angle of the bat is such a strong lead-in for the eye. I like that, but it doesn't need to lead us to the other girl's crotch... just a bit higher for the main desired focal point (the girl at the door and her struggle with the zombies). That and a few more zombie hands, a touch more disarray in the environment, and I think it might be ready for inking.

What do you guys think?

This weekend I'll be playing an epic session with my Dungeons and Dragons adventuring guild (we're fighting a dragon! First time for our party too. Breaking that dragon cherry.) I hope everyone else has a fun filled Labor Day weekend!

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