Friday, August 3, 2012

Super Studio Space Work Time, Go!

I'll spare you panning to the other side of the room, which also serves as my bedroom, to avoid one of the effects of Super Work Time... a tornado of crap everywhere.

This is my last stretch before the end of the semester, meaning this weekend is work, work, work. I'll have a butt ton of stuff to share in the weeks to come, so I decided to just share my work space with you today.

My instructor for Character Design draws during class and does re-draws of our homework, then scans and shares them with the class. I chose my favs and posted them above my work desk during the latter half of the semester. It was super helpful to have inspiration and reference right where I looked, even at the cost of looking a touch psychotic. I think I need to go full blown mental and continue the taping-inspirational-shit to my walls trend.

My cat Scottish Play sure enjoyed all the papers to lay on.

D'awww... happy kitty.

Have a great weekend, everybody! Time for me to bust some drawing ass!

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