Thursday, August 30, 2012

Age and Self-Cartoon Portrait

Hello! Sorry this post is a bit belated; yesterday time got away from me and by the time I was ready to post it was bedtime.

Without further ado, here's some more work from my Character Design class this past summer semester:

Voila! Watch me age! The assignment was to do an aging of one character from toddler to child to adult to senior. I decided to draw myself since the first half of the assignment would be some good practice for my semi-autobiographical comic about Catholic grammar school (which will be worked on more!). I definitely want to fill in the age blanks for the younger ones... draw pretty much each grade--I'm thinking that second one is me in fourth or fifth grade. Also, for my senior one I figured it's gonna be the future and damnit I want a rocket rocking chair!

I decided to re-work and color the adult one as I can use it on my site and business cards. Our instructor went over digital coloring methods both overall and for lineart. So I felt it necessary to at least throw myself out of my comfort zone of black lines and to color them. Here's the colored lineart version:

I did like the effect to some degree, but when looking at it next to the black lineart I still felt drawn to the dark, inked lines. Also, probably due to my method, but when I colored the lines they became a bit fuzzy and that just pissed me off; I love crisp and delicious lines, what was happening to my good lineart?! I'm going to need to solve that problem in the future since I would like to integrate this technique into future work. But for now...

The finished product with black lineart!

What do you guys think? Do you like the colored lineart better? Does anyone know why my lines became fuzzy? If you have answers, let me knoooow~~!

Until tomorrow!

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