Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Early Years

Here it is! A more finished illustration!

This is the first of a series of illustrations for the comic I'm working on about my days as a little Catholic school girl... not the stripper kind.
I'm thinking that I'll divide the stories up with my progression in beliefs and age.. since they both coincide really. This is the first one, which would be the first chapter header.

Here's the non-colored version:

I'm working on the next one and should have it up in a few days. Once I have all the headers done, then I'll start drawing the actual comics. Still not sure how I want to present them online, really. I'm thinking more of the physical versions first, but also want to have it available to read online for free. It definitely will have to wait for my new site since the design that I'm currently using from Columbia is shite for comics. Ideally, that shouldn't be too long.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. ^^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Doodles

I promise something a little more finished/developed within the week, but in the meantime here are some doodles from my last Storyboarding meeting.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Unknown Foot Pain leads to Pot Documentary and Doodling

So my plan today WAS to go downtown and work on more storyboards with Dalila Droege for her new film (being shot next week!) Voice Lessons.... but I woke up this morning with terrible pain in the bottom of my right foot so I decided to postpone and stay home. Made the arduous trek to Dunkin' for cheap coffee, my free donut (I filled out an online poll) and breakfast sandwich, then skimmed the Netflix to find something to watch.

Ended up watching The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, which was a pretty good documentary on marijuana. I've seen a couple, and this one was pretty informative apart from what I've seen. There was a lot of information on Canada, British Columbia in particular, which I didn't know too much about. Of course the same arguments were there about marijuana not being nearly as harmful as tobacco, alcohol, or even caffeine; however, there was insight behind what American Government drug-particularly marijuana-tests actually involved (specifically a test under President Reagan in the 80s which led all people to believe that pot can kill brain cells... turns out they just suffocated the monkeys tested with pot smoke and the brain cell damage came from the suffocation. No scientific connection to the pot; they performed the test in a horrendous way and twisted statistics). Also a lot on the prison system, decriminalization vs. legalization, medicinal marijuana, and tons of politics that make me want to strangle our policy makers, as usual. I also greatly appreciated the editing and use of stock footage. Unfortunately, a lot of times marijuana documentaries look cheap and are kind of too flashy or boring visually; this one was different in that sense.

I watched the documentary instantly on Netflix, so if there are any Netflix users you can watch it there. Apparently it's also on Youtube in parts: here's Part One.

So if you're bored this fine Saturday afternoon, consider a pot documentary! You'll be sure to learn something.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Sketch... at a Price...

Here's a sketch that I colored and messed around with. I tried experimenting with colors that I don't usually use and think I like what came from it.

UNFORTUNATELY, like an IDIOT, I overwrote the 300 dpi colored version with the web version I saved for the blog. >.< I am literally, mentally, kicking my ass so hard right now. Granted, it was just a sketch but still... I may have wanted to print it. Now I'd have to color it all over again. aaaaaah.....

Alas. But here's the sketch:

I was thinking that developing the concept a little more might make for a good Threadless submission. Any takers? Sound good or more in the realm of, "Who the hell would want to wear this shit?" I appreciate honesty.

And if I do decide to develop it for threadless... at least I won't feel AS BAD for overwriting the high-res file.... T_T

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Runny Noses and Dashed Hopes

That was my day yesterday--snot and videogames. I was going to add a delicious yellow for the mucus and on the screen to communicate Boomer bile... but meh.

Today... Snot and the realization that getting loans for grad school isn't going to be as easy as I thought...
Needless to say, the 2+ hours I spent looking for non-certified loans so that I could get my supplies and whatnot was for naught. Thanks, economy. Now I just hope that at least I can still get a certified private loan alright....

But it all hasn't been too bad! The day started out better; I'm working on more storyboards for Dalila Droege's short film Voice Lessons. Once they're finished and the film is shot and out, I'll post them. I think there's some nice boards already.

I also finally got a regular, blank-page sketchbook (I've been using a regular notebook recently which is alright but I could use some nice, clean paper) and have already started sketching. Some will be posted once I digitally add color.

Until then, I bid you adieu.