Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today's post: "Transient" painting in process to completion!

Underdrawing.... I only did underdrawings with the brush this past semester to force myself to keep loose and not get hung up on the drawing. However, I still want to experiment with a detailed, rendered drawing and painting over it... but I suspect I need a re-work varnish. Anybody know for sure?

Happy accident! So, I was cleaning my brushes when I accidentally flicked one and some of the cleaning solution/turpentine hit the wet paint. Oh, shit! Wait a minute... I really like that. A technique was uncovered! I'm still in love with my drips and splatters as textures, but understand I need to experiment with my control and use of them. I think using the turpentine to create them and then layer color over them (sometimes not) helps create a greater sense of texture than just the ink splats I've always been so fond of.

Underpainting complete! Kinda creepy... which, of course, means I'm into it.

Glazed color...

Stage it was in right before the last session. Empty eyeball socket really enhances that creep factor.

And final! I still need to sign it and varnish the painting, but it's mostly complete.

I really like how this painting turned out and a lot of people enjoyed it at the gallery show last week. I wanted to explore lost edges and had the concept of her being some sort of ethereal space woman in mind when painting. I think some of that emotion and mood came through in the final without having to become literal.

That's not to say there won't be space paintings coming your way in the future.
That's right. Paintings of chicks in space. It's happening.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Gallery Art Extravaganza: The Most Epic Blog Post to Date (brace yourself for images ahead)

Happy Friday, everyone! Someone may have noticed (but probably not) that I didn't post this past Wednesday. Sorry about that; I don't intend on missing my post schedule, but these past two-three weeks have been insanely full of creation.

Yesterday was the epic gallery and art showcase with RAW. It was pretty effin' sweet. My head has yet to return fully to my body, but it is floating mere feet away so no worries.

Now to present you with one of the longest blog posts to date.... Here's the work I presented at RAW's "The Blend" Showcase.

Here's my part of the fence. There was more light provided earlier in the night, but by the time I got around to taking pictures it was dance party time. Still, it helps convey the atmosphere.

Those are the only pictures I took last night; a little sidetracked with everything else going on. RAW had photographers going around and there'll be an interview with me (gah, I hate hearing my own voice recorded). Once those are posted, I'll definitely share.

Now for the breakdown of each painting/illustration!

Ideal I

pencil underdrawing

monochromatic underpainting wash


Ideal II



mmm... boobs... I really enjoyed drawing this torso.


I really enjoyed the drawing for this one. 



mrow... sexy-yet-still-cute cat with attitude

Beauty is in the Eye

only one in progress of this painting... I was far too absorbed! Creepy at this stage, though, right?

Final! I always wanted to paint on an oval canvas. One of my art experimentation dreams has come true!

face detail

see a running element?


The last painting of the show. I have a lot of in-progress of this painting that I'll make into a separate blog post. I had plenty of time to photograph and stare down this painting since it was also my final for Figurative Painting this Spring semester.



A super big thanks to everyone who came out! So many friends showed up and it was heartwarming to constantly have someone to talk to; it made the time fly by! I also had an absolutely wonderful time meeting the other artists at the show, so if any of you may be reading this--great job! Lastly, it was so great to talk to people who walked by my work. All your comments, insights, and responses were invaluable and I'm so glad people enjoyed the paintings and female form in all her glory.

Ah, and just one more thank you... super big thanks to both my families! Ma, Dad, and Cat, thanks so much for your encouragement. Also huge thanks to the Gomez Family and your great support. Even from miles away, you all helped me make this night awesome. Last, but certainly not least, Jesse is the most awesome partner I could have.

Okay, I'm done with my thank you rant. I'm pretty sure I heard the wrap-it-up music sentences ago.

I'll be posting this work on my Etsy store in the coming days so if anyone's in love with one of these paintings, it could become your very own!

Have a great weekend 'cause I sure as hell will.

Friday, May 18, 2012

RAW's "The Blend" Art Showcase

I think I've mentioned it before, but pre-sale ends Monday so here's another reminder, guys:

I'll be participating in RAW's "The Blend", an art showcase featuring visual art, film, fashion, live body painting, accessories, makeup, hair, and more! I'll have my own section in the show so if you'd like to see some new work firsthand, come on by!

The show is in San Francisco on Thursday, May 24th from 7pm-12am. So if you're in the Bay area, come out for some kickass times!

The details: Just go here and click on "Buy Tickets". Select my name (Melisa Des Rosiers) from the artists' dropdown menu (this helps fill my ticket-selling quota). Bam! You got yourself a ticket to a killer art show and now we can hang, get drunk, and enjoy some art together!

And to make this post a little more interesting, here's a sneak peek into some of the work for the show:

I really hope to see people there! Let me know if you get a ticket and let's hang out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Somber Bunny

Behold, my final in-class painting for Situation and Environment, a clothed figure painting class! I'm pretty happy with how it came out and am always enamored when stuffed animals are used as props.

I think I learned a lot more about painting skin this semester between this class and my Figurative Painting one. Still no master by far, but starting to really understand how to describe those bony landmarks, accentuate and explore color, as well as define depth. Hey, it's something. Now to integrate what I've learned into my own illustrative style...

Ah, faces in profile. Years ago, the concept terrified me and my faces were absolutely horrible. Still working on breaking old habits that are no good, but I feel like I've made some ground (I would hope so after so many years in art school.... @_@)

Also, some may have noticed I didn't post this past Friday--gasp! I was really in the thick of finals and it just escaped me. My first miss in schedule since I started posting regularly.... Felt a little bad about it, but it shan't happen again!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Zombies are Coming!

Underpainting for, that's right, a zombie painting! Real excited to work on this one and am going to start laying down color and details this weekend.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Painting through Indigestion Brings About

Voila! Another in-class painting. This was just one week of painting for me since I missed a class and then the model was gone, so only about 3-5 hours of painting from start to finish. Top that with extreme indigestion and feeling a whole lot like ass, and I was sure this painting was going to be just an exercise and look just like how I felt. Funny things can happen, though, when you are distracted or let yourself go. I think, especially for being a one class painting, this turned out very well. Despite my constant feeling of assness. Go figure.

He has a very detective pose and I like the colors and overall color harmony that turned out...

What are those? Hands?! Hands that don't exactly resemble mere mittens? Accented by a drip texture... mmm.....

Have a good Wednesday, everyone!