Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Somber Bunny

Behold, my final in-class painting for Situation and Environment, a clothed figure painting class! I'm pretty happy with how it came out and am always enamored when stuffed animals are used as props.

I think I learned a lot more about painting skin this semester between this class and my Figurative Painting one. Still no master by far, but starting to really understand how to describe those bony landmarks, accentuate and explore color, as well as define depth. Hey, it's something. Now to integrate what I've learned into my own illustrative style...

Ah, faces in profile. Years ago, the concept terrified me and my faces were absolutely horrible. Still working on breaking old habits that are no good, but I feel like I've made some ground (I would hope so after so many years in art school.... @_@)

Also, some may have noticed I didn't post this past Friday--gasp! I was really in the thick of finals and it just escaped me. My first miss in schedule since I started posting regularly.... Felt a little bad about it, but it shan't happen again!

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