Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Painting through Indigestion Brings About

Voila! Another in-class painting. This was just one week of painting for me since I missed a class and then the model was gone, so only about 3-5 hours of painting from start to finish. Top that with extreme indigestion and feeling a whole lot like ass, and I was sure this painting was going to be just an exercise and look just like how I felt. Funny things can happen, though, when you are distracted or let yourself go. I think, especially for being a one class painting, this turned out very well. Despite my constant feeling of assness. Go figure.

He has a very detective pose and I like the colors and overall color harmony that turned out...

What are those? Hands?! Hands that don't exactly resemble mere mittens? Accented by a drip texture... mmm.....

Have a good Wednesday, everyone!

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