Monday, January 13, 2014

Fun-A-Day! Starting 2014 with comics!

Happy New Year!

I'm participating in fun-a-day, a creative project a day for the month of January. I decided to draw comics since I love doing them and need to get back into the swing of things with my semi-autobiographical comic in the works. My schedule is one four-panel comic every two days: one to draw it and the second to ink. I'm a bit behind on inking and scanning, but here are the first three!

"Talk, Damnit"

"Spoiled Meows"

"T-Rex Tea Party"
I had several different dialogue ideas for their conversation, but didn't like any of them enough yet to ink it.
Still in the works... or forever unknown?!

Hopefully I'll be able to display my comics at Rock Paper Scissors here in Oakland for next Art Murmur. They hosted Fun-A-Day last year, so here's hoping they do it again this year since I got my act together this time. More details to come.