Monday, November 30, 2009

More Charcoal! And a Deadline!

Charcoal is still far from being my favorite medium. I just feel like it's so hard to control... not impossible or as hard as other mediums, but I just have a difficult time. I need much bigger charcoal. These hands are way too big for tiny, pointy charcoal.

What is fun about charcoal is the mess. I always look forward to seeing how ridiculous I look after a drawing.

This was only after two drawings. lol And not even those really dark ones (the first in the post). Mah face is dirty....

I've decided that the deadline for the first chapter of my comic will be February 1, 2010. This gives me my break between semesters to work on it, and that should be enough time. So I'll be posting teasers on here, but all of it won't be available until the physical minicomics are made.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Comic and Feeling Better!

Last week was a blur of sickness. The flu kicked my ass, as well as the boy's. I finally started feeling better earlier this week and can safely say I am back to about 90%.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I could blame my sickness, but I've been a bit neglectful of you, blog. I won't do it again, I swear.

Here's a lame comic. It was fun to experiment working with a brush.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Prints Now Available!

Well, make that print. As in singular. I ran out of ink today and need to hit up an Office Depot tomorrow.
But check it out; they're cheap! ^_^