Thursday, June 5, 2008

Transformative Penis Drawings

I found this on Youtube when searching for "vaginas"... it's actually pretty creative and fun to see what the cocks, vagi, and butts become!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In the Deepest Darkest of Darks...

... I load film onto reels badly and bubble it up at the ends, killing 17 shots of beautiful newbie photography!!! That's right, folks, I'm in Photography I. So in the coming weeks of my summer semester, I may post some photos along with illustrations and comics. That is... if I do anything good enough to even post...

That being said, I haven't started my Daily Drawings. I know, I know... that was the point of the blog, right? To get me drawing? Well, school has to come first along with work unfortunately. But I will begin Daily Drawings probably next week or at the latest the week after. I am currently working on some concept art for a film by Dalila Droege, a graduate student at Columbia College, and need to get all that finished in time.

That isn't to say this is going to be an entirely text-filled post! Oh no no.... there is... more sketchbook material... (this is a few months old, by the way... I'll be posting more recent drawings soon enough...)