Friday, May 25, 2012

Gallery Art Extravaganza: The Most Epic Blog Post to Date (brace yourself for images ahead)

Happy Friday, everyone! Someone may have noticed (but probably not) that I didn't post this past Wednesday. Sorry about that; I don't intend on missing my post schedule, but these past two-three weeks have been insanely full of creation.

Yesterday was the epic gallery and art showcase with RAW. It was pretty effin' sweet. My head has yet to return fully to my body, but it is floating mere feet away so no worries.

Now to present you with one of the longest blog posts to date.... Here's the work I presented at RAW's "The Blend" Showcase.

Here's my part of the fence. There was more light provided earlier in the night, but by the time I got around to taking pictures it was dance party time. Still, it helps convey the atmosphere.

Those are the only pictures I took last night; a little sidetracked with everything else going on. RAW had photographers going around and there'll be an interview with me (gah, I hate hearing my own voice recorded). Once those are posted, I'll definitely share.

Now for the breakdown of each painting/illustration!

Ideal I

pencil underdrawing

monochromatic underpainting wash


Ideal II



mmm... boobs... I really enjoyed drawing this torso.


I really enjoyed the drawing for this one. 



mrow... sexy-yet-still-cute cat with attitude

Beauty is in the Eye

only one in progress of this painting... I was far too absorbed! Creepy at this stage, though, right?

Final! I always wanted to paint on an oval canvas. One of my art experimentation dreams has come true!

face detail

see a running element?


The last painting of the show. I have a lot of in-progress of this painting that I'll make into a separate blog post. I had plenty of time to photograph and stare down this painting since it was also my final for Figurative Painting this Spring semester.



A super big thanks to everyone who came out! So many friends showed up and it was heartwarming to constantly have someone to talk to; it made the time fly by! I also had an absolutely wonderful time meeting the other artists at the show, so if any of you may be reading this--great job! Lastly, it was so great to talk to people who walked by my work. All your comments, insights, and responses were invaluable and I'm so glad people enjoyed the paintings and female form in all her glory.

Ah, and just one more thank you... super big thanks to both my families! Ma, Dad, and Cat, thanks so much for your encouragement. Also huge thanks to the Gomez Family and your great support. Even from miles away, you all helped me make this night awesome. Last, but certainly not least, Jesse is the most awesome partner I could have.

Okay, I'm done with my thank you rant. I'm pretty sure I heard the wrap-it-up music sentences ago.

I'll be posting this work on my Etsy store in the coming days so if anyone's in love with one of these paintings, it could become your very own!

Have a great weekend 'cause I sure as hell will.


Andrea said...

Beautiful work. Congrats on the show; everything looks amazing! I especially like the piece with the cat. What kind of inks/paints did you use for that?

Melisa Des Rosiers said...

Thanks, Andrea! For the ones with the cat it was 200lb watercolor paper with inkwash.. so just Dr. Martins mixed with water. The other two were oil.