Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Sketch... at a Price...

Here's a sketch that I colored and messed around with. I tried experimenting with colors that I don't usually use and think I like what came from it.

UNFORTUNATELY, like an IDIOT, I overwrote the 300 dpi colored version with the web version I saved for the blog. >.< I am literally, mentally, kicking my ass so hard right now. Granted, it was just a sketch but still... I may have wanted to print it. Now I'd have to color it all over again. aaaaaah.....

Alas. But here's the sketch:

I was thinking that developing the concept a little more might make for a good Threadless submission. Any takers? Sound good or more in the realm of, "Who the hell would want to wear this shit?" I appreciate honesty.

And if I do decide to develop it for threadless... at least I won't feel AS BAD for overwriting the high-res file.... T_T

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you've got some amazing talent lady. i adore the colors you use.