Saturday, August 22, 2009

Unknown Foot Pain leads to Pot Documentary and Doodling

So my plan today WAS to go downtown and work on more storyboards with Dalila Droege for her new film (being shot next week!) Voice Lessons.... but I woke up this morning with terrible pain in the bottom of my right foot so I decided to postpone and stay home. Made the arduous trek to Dunkin' for cheap coffee, my free donut (I filled out an online poll) and breakfast sandwich, then skimmed the Netflix to find something to watch.

Ended up watching The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, which was a pretty good documentary on marijuana. I've seen a couple, and this one was pretty informative apart from what I've seen. There was a lot of information on Canada, British Columbia in particular, which I didn't know too much about. Of course the same arguments were there about marijuana not being nearly as harmful as tobacco, alcohol, or even caffeine; however, there was insight behind what American Government drug-particularly marijuana-tests actually involved (specifically a test under President Reagan in the 80s which led all people to believe that pot can kill brain cells... turns out they just suffocated the monkeys tested with pot smoke and the brain cell damage came from the suffocation. No scientific connection to the pot; they performed the test in a horrendous way and twisted statistics). Also a lot on the prison system, decriminalization vs. legalization, medicinal marijuana, and tons of politics that make me want to strangle our policy makers, as usual. I also greatly appreciated the editing and use of stock footage. Unfortunately, a lot of times marijuana documentaries look cheap and are kind of too flashy or boring visually; this one was different in that sense.

I watched the documentary instantly on Netflix, so if there are any Netflix users you can watch it there. Apparently it's also on Youtube in parts: here's Part One.

So if you're bored this fine Saturday afternoon, consider a pot documentary! You'll be sure to learn something.

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