Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sidge McDougal's Zombie Crisis

I present to you some of the character design work for my final project in Character Design class...

We had the option of working on an original story or something for our thesis and I spent at least a good two days (that's a lot of time in summer semester) trying to figure out what I should do. Then it came to me one night as I lay in bed....

Sidge McDougal's Zombie Crisis!!!

This is an original concept formed from the brainstuffs of my boyfriend and friend. The premise involves a zombie apocalypse and the hero who steps forward to bash zombie brains. It's a pretty old concept of theirs, but one that stuck with me and that I wanted to see made. Henceforth, Sidge McDougal it is.

The designs still need some tweaking, but here is the main character, Sidge McDougal.

head studies

turnaround minus the bad back view.. that side view still needs work though...

And then one of the first antagonists, James Billy Johnson.

I still want to work on this project more and had a bunch of fun designing these characters. Once I develop them further I'll post some more. Time to really utilize the free time between semesters!

Sidge McDougal's Zombie Crisis was created by Jesus Gomez and John Prucha. The characters and concept all belongs to them.

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