Wednesday, September 5, 2012


For today's post I thought I would share five of my top influential/artists I dig/these guys are the shit.

I think it's great to have influences and each of the artists below always inspire me with their work. Also, I don't have any drawings to post today so I thought this would be a good idea. Although I did just hit the 300 heads mark! Clean-ups will be posted Friday.


Top 5 Artists/Illustrators/Animators Who Influence Me Now
(in no particular order)

Tara McPherson is one of the first artists I really got into (outside of Art History) and I've loved her work ever since. In fact, I think I've fallen even deeper. I love her use of color and the feelings each of her paintings or drawings evoke. Her work is very playful but there's also that twinge of darkness or oddity which just tugs at my heartstrings so.

Just lookit that little guy!

Joao Ruas came to my attention via a Spectrum issue, I believe. I enjoy his use of color, especially as an accent to a more subdued monochromatic feeling. I also dig how he uses texture and flat color while also rendering the forms mostly realistically.

Such nice, thin transparencies.

Audrey Kawasaki's work feels so ethereal. Her girls are magical and imploring. I really enjoy her lost and found edges and shapes, greatly paired with the wood textures and line quality.

And look! She does boys too. Dey so perty...

I only recently was introduced to Lauren Montgomery's work, but I ate it up with vigor! I absolutely love her anatomical shorthand, how she simplifies and stylizes the human form while also referencing realism. Mmmm, so good! Her line quality is full of motion and she's got a strong grasp of anatomy.

Check out those sweet lines...

I'm really drawn towards Dan Dos Santos' work for several reasons. I really enjoy his use of color and appreciate his realistic rendering, while not going full-blown realism. His compositions are always great and his illustrations grab then trap my eye, which is a damn good use for book covers. I like the way he brings characters to life, making them interesting and communicating something about them even in one image alone.

This one's pretty damn funny. Funny and badass.

I hope you enjoyed my sharing! Hopefully you were exposed to a new artist or remembered an old love. There are plenty more I enjoy than just these five, but at the moment these guys are who I look to for inspiration the most. If you have any artists you're busting to share, please do!

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