Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Return to Regularly Scheduled Posts: In Progress Illustrations

I nearly missed today's post, too.
Just as I got home this evening I thought to myself, 'Alright, time to sit on the couch and chill... but wait... what day is it again? Shit!' You see, the specifics of days have been elusive to me the past week or two.  Do please forgive my absent mind. The exact day isn't so much important for me to keep track of in my schedule right now, resulting in Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday often becoming interchangeable.

But anyhoo...

I'm working on a cover and interior illustration for the book Sabriel and thought today I would share some in progress work!

Here is the drawing for the cover. I'll be working traditionally for this one, in an inkwash with some watercolor methinks.

Behold, the interior! This is of the scene between Mogget and Sabriel after the Paperwing crashes. Going to ink this digitally and then probably do some flat color washes.

Lastly, value studies! Going with the left one for the cover and still figuring out the interior (but I'm leaning towards the darker one on the right).

I'll be sure to share the end result once they're finished!

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Kimberly said...

I love the Sabriel sketches, I think you're going in an awesome direction!