Friday, May 31, 2013

Burn 'em All

For today's post, I bring you a production painting for Sidge McDougal's Zombie Crisis!
Over the past year, my interest and love for concept art has grown--especially in an animated style. I've posted some Sidge McDougal artwork and development in the past. Here's the blog post of Sidge's initial character design. He has since been further developed, along with some other characters. I have a lot of fun developing this world and will hopefully continue working on the project (there's SO much to do).

The entire process. L to R, initial thumbnail sketches of various scenes. Then value studies of different lighting scenarios. Of course, the dramatic lighting was the most interesting to me. Below that are the color studies. Upper left on the right is the finished drawing and below that the finished production painting.

The drawing by itself. I had a lot of fun drawing that zombie hand in the foreground. Definitely had the ol' anatomy book out for that one.

And the final production painting, colored digitally. The basic thought was he's probably luring the zombies to him and burning them inside the crypt. Because Sidge McDougal just effing loves killing zombies.

Next week I'll post some new character designs for the project. Have a great weekend!

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