Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Academy of Art's 2013 Spring Show

The Academy of Art University's Spring Show opened last Wednesday at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco! The Palace of Fine Arts is gorgeous! I haven't been there yet and couldn't help but take a few pictures of the outside...

And the lighting was just so perty....

Some awesome work from the MFA Children's Book section! That nifty illustration with the dragon coughing in the girl's face is by fellow AAU grad student Tracie Timmer (check out her blog here). The illustrations below that, with the boy in the tree and the Indian woman with swans are by another awesome lady at AAU by the name of Kelley McMorris (check out her blog here and her website here).

There's no one I know personally from these sweet illustrations, but check 'em out! There were so many beautiful illustrations and art everywhere you looked!

It was so crowded!! I haven't been to a Spring Show Opening Night before this one and I was not prepared to elbow my way through to see art... but it was still worth it!

Voila! My piece and mah face. I had to practically lay down on the floor to reach it but made it nonetheless!

I'm glad to have been a participant in the Spring Show. The Show will be on exhibit until June 5 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. For more info on the show, go here.

I'll be changing the posting days to Wednesday and Friday, since Sunday just proves too difficult to find the time to post sometimes. See ye internet adventurers Friday!

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