Wednesday, May 22, 2013

600 and Onward!

The best ten heads out of 100, adding to 600! I'm slowly getting toward 700, and hopefully it won't take as long as these did. In case you're new to these posts, I'm doing a One Thousand Head Drawing Challenge: draw one thousand heads and by the end of it, voila, you've improved! It's a lot of fun and I use Facebook as a penalty of drawing five each time I visit... so it gets along pretty quickly. I also appreciate all my friends posting pictures so I can draw them; it really brings me out of my standard character drawing habits.

Tonight I'll be going to the Academy of Art University's Spring Show Opening Night Reception! I have a piece in the show and am excited to check the event out and see a bunch of great artwork. The show will be on display in San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts until June 5, so if you're in the Bay Area try and check it out!

Here is the piece I have in the show. I've posted it here before, but tweaked it slightly since then.

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