Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chicks Kick Zombie Butt

A running theme for me the past five months illustrating has definitely been ZOMBIES.
I've been working on some visual development for an original zombie apocalypse story so naturally it's been on my mind and in my hands. I had this rough sketch, concept, and awesome reference photos (seriously, one of the most fun model photo shoots I've had) so I had to make an illustration!

Here are two chicks fighting off some rude zombies trying to bust into their nice home. Really, zombies. Would it kill you to knock? Oh... wait, yeah....

The drawing! I spent a good bit of time on this and had a lot of fun with the girl in the foreground's expression. It was so much fun (albeit a struggle!) and I love the comical edge it adds to it, since this short story concept definitely had some humor in my head when I envisioned it.

Then I inked the drawing, traditionally.

And colored it digitally! I wanted a simple one color process and green gives me that creepy zombie vibe.

I hope you enjoy the illustration and the process! More to come this weekend.

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