Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I've shared most of my thesis illustrations on this blog, but here is the last! This was created as a production painting for an original zombie apocalypse story called Sidge McDougal's Zombie Crisis. I've shared some other work on this project so if you'd like to see more Sidge, check out this post where I share Sidge's character design process. There's also this other production painting for the story you can check out. I'll definitely continue working on these designs and story in the future with the story's creators. Originally thought as a series of films, the concept has evolved to be a possible animated series. I'd love to hammer out more character designs and maybe even do some animated storyboards in the future.

a series of thumbnails exploring scenes and environments

value study along with color thumbnails

Typically, I like having lineart throughout my illustrations, but I decided to keep the lineart focused on the characters and keep the rest of the illustration loose and a bit painterly

the final production painting (I had previously went on a fun adventure to a vista point here in Oakland where you can see the whole bay... definitely was a vital reference. San Francisco is burning!!!)

our heroes look on, knowing this is only the beginning....

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