Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Digital Sketch

I need and want to practice in Painter more, drawing and coloring digitally--especially drawing, tho. I usually draw and scan that drawing in, coloring digitally. Very rarely.. actually, never really, do I start a drawing digitally and do so all the way through. So in my efforts of learning, I decided to mess around more with the Real 2B Pencil in Painter 12. I also gave myself a one hour time limit.

I used a reference photo I'd taken of my friend Chelsea (who just so happens to have her own blog you can check out if interested here). We took a bunch of photos in the gorgeous Piedmont Cemetery here in Oakland for one of my painting assignments and I decided to make her a fairy!

Now, there's a lot wrong with that sketch right there. lol I wanted to practice a time limit, or "speed drawing' (one hour isn't all that speedy at all, but for me it sure is!) and definitely will continue to do so in the future. I think having a time limit is a good exercise since I'm just sketching anyways.

I wanted to apply color, but ran out of time. I might go in and edit and work on this more for Friday's post, or I might just do a speed paint portrait instead.

Working digitally, here I come!

Also, btw, I listened to Florence + The Machine's "Ceremonials" while sketching. Her albums have a tendency to really grow on me. When I first heard "Ceremonials" I thought the album wasn't nearly as good as "Lungs" (which I still think is true) but I really enjoy the album after listening to it a few times. Her music is very inspirational for me when drawing and painting.

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