Friday, March 16, 2012

Analog Painting

I mentioned Wednesday about another digital speedpainting, but instead realized I needed the time to work on a physical painting due for class Tuesday. Nothing's a bigger bitch then commuting with a 24x36 wet canvas, so I said fuck that, this shit needs to be dry (btw, I'm sure there are bigger bitchier things, but that one at least makes my list... that is until the canvases get bigger).

Without further ado, a painting!

In process drawing and laying it out.

Laid down those fours.

Underpainting complete!

Initially, painting this large a canvas propped on my drawing table proved to be a bit difficult, but I eventually got the hang of it. An easel would still be nice, though. Alas.

Finished! Now to let it dry. There's still something about it that irks me, but I thought it was at a decent enough point. Also I feel like I need some time away from it to see what it is that's bothering me, but that'll have to wait until after Tuesday.

Ah, booty.

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Angela Caggiano said...

Very nice flesh tones!