Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Better late than Never

Haha! You all thought I was already going to miss posting regularly, eh? Well, I guess I'm saying that because I thought it myself earlier today but furiously worked on and finished what I wanted to post....

a self-portrait a year in the making!

When I say a year, let me clarify. I started working on this last Spring of 2011 as a Portrait Painting assignment. I really worked hard on it but even felt it was lacking when I turned it in. I was determined to work more on it, but, you know... life. And so it was that it sat with the other paintings, waiting to be re-worked or painted over for future attempts.

I still really liked the painting and needed to strengthen my painting skills as well as my portfolio for my impending second Midpoint Review. Henceforth, I set to painting. Below begins the process.

Blocked in the darks...

...and then painted furiously because there were no more in process. This was the final version I turned in as the assignment. Sorely lacking, but it was the best I could do at the time with the time I had (what I learned that semester: three studio classes were too much for me, thanks).

working on it some more...

Clearly I realized, there's not that much color in my skin! Who was I kidding? White paint with a tiny smidge of skin here I come! (also had a much stronger light source)

And there it is! The "finished" product! I'm much happier with it and think I like it... I just need to look at it in the morning with natural light and when it's a bit dry--it's super shiny, shiny!

What are your thoughts? I was thinking of adding some freckles details, even though that wasn't in the photo ref., but I'm not sure if it will detract too much. : / 
Must ponder.

I feel much stronger about my overall painting and drawing skills, but also, of course, want to further improve. It seems that just when I start feeling comfortable again I realize that no, wait, you suck.   =_____=

Having said that, each drawing and each painting is that much more practice. I am constantly learning and that's what's exciting.

Also exciting... my blue hair from last year. I want to go back, but I don't have the strength in me to do all that dying again.

It sure was sweet though...


Angela Caggiano said...

Don't underrate yourself! Your revisiting of the self-portrait looks great, especially in the way you brought out the hair and eyes and overall added more dynamism to the earlier version.

Melisa Des Rosiers said...

Thanks, Angela!!! Sometimes my head rebels against me... and just overall feeling of suckitude overcomes me. But yay! Glad you like it! ^___^