Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At last, new space!

A new studio layout! I've been wanting to change the layout of my studio space for awhile now and yesterday morning I finally said, eff it, I'm doing this shit now. It took the better half of the day, but was well worth the cleaning and shuffling around of furniture!

Here is my computer work station with my scanner. I also put my printer down on a lil table to the side since I don't use it that often (especially like now when it's out of ink and needs tons more). Beware the white walls! I definitely need to get me some art up on there.

To the right of my computer work station is my drawing table and two small side tables for brushes, canvases and paper, and various other tools. Now I'm situated where I can gaze out at the lovely park outside while working.

Also yesterday my order of the first batch of promotional mailers came in!

Some of these bad boys will be sent out this week before I go on vacation back home to Chicago. Then the rest when I get back in July. So many postcards... 

I've invaded the cats' window gazing spot. We're going to begin negotiations of the space today...

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