Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ink All the Things!

I've been inking a lot recently, back with my croquill dip pens and that sweet, black ink.

Here are the best 15/700 for the next batch of hundred heads in my head drawing challenge. I'm a little less than halfway done inking them and will share the finished heads Friday.

Here's a peek into an illustration I'll be inking later this week, too. More to come on this illustration as I finish it... probably won't be posting the finish until next week.

I have to say I've really enjoyed going back to my dip pens for inking. I was trying to use microns and other pens, even brush pens, but I really am drawn to the croquill for its versatility in line shape and weight. I know brush pens can be pretty sweet in that arena too, but man my skills using brush pens for inking are not up to par. I'll have to keep practicing, but I just had to go back to my darling croquills for a hot minute.

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