Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Post of the New Year!

Happy New Year! Hello, 2013. You seem like you'll be cool, but really I'm holding out for 2014. For some reason that year number feels good to me...

But 2013, here you be so let's get this year started productively!

The first blog post of 2013 marks 500 heads!!!

There are some... bad.. bad.. heads in this bunch. There was definitely a wall that slammed into my face and I started wielding the pencil more viciously than needed around the 430s. I think I got out of that funk by the end of this bunch of hundos, so I feel like this is a good milestone. Halfway completed!

(In case you're new to the blog or merely lost track, I'm participating in a draw-one-thousand-heads challenge. It's a great boost to my drawing habits and really allows me to explore and experiment with stylization. It's been super fun so far!)

Also tying into the thousand head drawing challenge, there's this cool January project some friends told me about called Fun-a-Day! Anyone can participate and certain cities will even be showcasing what gets made in February. The idea is to do something fun once a day for the month of January--pick a project and go with it!

So I'll be working off my thousand heads challenge and drawing five heads a day then inking/coloring one that I like. I'm thinking of doing one week of fictional characters then one week of real people... friends, maybe even historical figures or politicians too, and switching that up each week. This may change as it goes, we'll see. But it seems super fun and I already got my first day done! Just not inked...

You all should totally participate! Let me know if you do!

Also, keep an eye out for the best ten(ish) heads inked from this last batch to 500.

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