Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Master Copy | Landscape | Tula Telfair

(upper) Tula Telfair's original, (lower) my copy

A bit after the fact, but here is my final for landscape painting this past fall semester, a master copy of a Tula Telfair painting. When I went through the list of master painters we could choose from, Tula Telfair stuck out the most to me immediately. Color! So vivid, it reminded me of how saturated I like color sometimes. The way she uses it truly is masterful, a brightness but also a quiet to many of her paintings. There is an almost surreal quality that I feel and I believe I react that way based on the color.

Also, the woman can paint some DAMN fine clouds. And this fool needed to learn how to paint clouds.

I had a really great time doing this painting and, even more importantly, feel that I learned a lot from it. It's not exactly like the original (for starters, size... Tula's are like five feet!), but I think it's on the right path. It just needs another ten or twenty some odd hours.


Doug Blankenship said...

Great work. I was searching for master landscapes and found your blog.

Melisa Des Rosiers said...

Cool! Yeah, I think it's a great experience to practice copying Master paintings and drawings. Unfortunately, I don't do it nearly as much as I'd like to. Tula Telfair's landscapes are amazing; I absolutely love the bright colors she uses and the vast expanse of sky meeting earth. You can see more of her work here:
Thanks for checking out my blog!