Friday, September 6, 2013

Speedpaint: IT Crowd

I did my first tv/film screenshot speedpaints today.... and they are pretty awful, haha. But that's the point of the exercise, eh? Practice, practice, practice! Cause man, my speed painting skills are not up to par...

I chose screenshots from The IT Crowd since it is one of my top favorite tv shows of all time. I'll have to revisit IT Crowd several speedpaints down the line to do them justice. Gah!

Moss from It Crowd (Richard Ayoade deserves better... lol)

"FAATTHHEEEEEERRRR!!!!!" I listened to copious amounts of Matt Berry while painting...

Several times I almost stopped throughout painting these--especially the Moss one--because it was just too awful. Man, I need to work on my digital painting skills. When my precious lineart isn't there I get a little scatter-brained. Also, I need to organize my Photoshop brushes like whaaaa.... it's a bit of a hot mess in there.

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