Thursday, September 12, 2013

Goths Are People, Too.

Another speedpaint from The IT Crowd. I absolutely LOVE the character of Richmond and captured a few good screenshots to paint from episode four, "The Red Door" from season/series one. I also spent literally three hours yesterday organizing my brushes in Photoshop. Although it was quite the effort, I am now much more efficient and can get to brushes a lot faster with MUCH less confusion. I used just chalk brushes for this one to experiment with a different texture and look.

One difficulty I've always had with digital work is drawing; I am absolutely terrible at drawing digitally from scratch. I always do my drawing traditionally in pencil or inks, then usually only color digitally. I've been thinking of incorporating line in the speedpaints, but it's so rough. I'm guessing that a Cintiq would possibly change the feeling of drawing, but since that option is a ways away from being a reality, I'm going to keep practicing to adjust to sketching digitally. If anyone has any tips or tricks for getting used to drawing digitally, I'd love to hear them!

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