Friday, July 13, 2012

Are you up for the challenge?!

And so begins my challenge of 1,000 heads!

My CD (Character Design... which from henceforth will be abbreviated to this since there will probably be a lot more posts from this class) instructor told us about this challenge to do just what it sounds like: draw 1,000 heads and by the time you're done, guess what, you're better. Voila!

9,995 left to go until growing as a drawer! Leveling uuuup....! And you can say I'm farming Facebook because every time I visit I am giving myself the task to draw at least five heads. I'm hoping that helps me to keep on it more regularly (and possibly lower my checking Facebook sometimes, 'cause damn).

Also, forgive the awful picture... I even tried fixing it but my camera in a dark room is not that good. I took one too big a nap and awoke to darkness, thinking, 'Shit! I need to make a blog post and eat some dinner!'

Are any of you fellow artist friends up for the challenge of the 1,000 heads?!


Angela Caggiano said...

That sounds like a fabulous challenge! I may have to try that. Keep your eye on the prize, now!

Melisa Des Rosiers said...

You should totally do that! It's pretty helpful and fun!