Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the Style of...

This week my summer semester at AAU started! This is my first semester of directed study (aka, working on mah thesis) so it should be productive. Well, it better be.

Today's post is a peek into one of my first assignments for a Character Design and Drawing for Animator's class. We were to draw 10 heads and 4 figures "in the style of" one of three given artists. I chose Shane Glines, or Cartoon Retro.

This was a pretty fun exercise and even though I don't necessarily think I've gotten his style down enough AT ALL, the observations I've been able to make while drawing in Glines' style have been great. He has beautiful shapes and lines, often put together in a way I don't normally think to do--straight lines into delicious curves? Why, yes!

First I sketched a couple directly from his to warm up and get a sense.

Then away to begin drawing heads!

That's right. I had to draw a man. Super difficult to do in his style, as whenever there are men they're SUPER simple and practically all straight lines. I tried to add some sexiness to my Glines' man in the style of his women. I think I need to re-work that butt-into-thigh a little bit tho... I like my men juicy but damn...

Now to refine and redraw for tomorrow's class!

Also, here are some of my favorite drawings of Cartoon Retro's which I've been staring at for well over four hours...

Now to eat some dinner and draw some more!

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