Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ba-da-bum-bum, Ba-da-bum-bum

That's meant to be the opening tune to A Game of Thrones.. phonetically sung via type.
Yes, you could say I'm a bit obsessed... absorbed... but there's nothing like getting swept up into a new series and taken away by it.

Having said that, of course when the assignment of a still life for my Expressive Drawing course came up, I was in my A Song of Ice and Fire throes. And so I give you... "Winter is Coming"

One of the most interesting things I learned about this Summer semester was the wonder that is Matte medium and collage. Of course this technique sprung to mind when I thought of my still life subject matter. Words! Glorious words!

And here is the finished result.

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Chels said...

Mmmmmm, delicious Matte Medium, how I wish to learn your secrets. ^-^ As before, I am still obsessed with the dragon's little face, and the various blue hues. Loves it! <3