Monday, August 23, 2010

Sketches and Space

Hello out there, Internets. How's it been?

My summer semester has officially ended (well, actually a week ago now but productivity is just barely kicking back in) and I am fueled and energized to draw some mother-ouffin' comics! So just you wait!

In the meanwhile, some doodles and my new work studio--super under development.


Jazmin Giron said...

Neat new studio! The other one didn't have a window right? Congrats! I can't wait to see what new stuff you come up with. How is the new school? What's your major and what have you learned there that they didn't teach at columbia?

Take care M!

Melisa Des Rosiers said...

No, I did not have a window last time! lol I was in the basement. Thanks! Natural light--at least a little bit--is always nice. XD The new school is great. I'm working towards an MFA in Illustration concentrating on Conceptual (cause you have to pick a focus--Graphic Novel, Conceptual, or Traditional, which is Children's Book and Advertising pretty much). I have DEFINITELY learned things differently here--it's very much guided and pushing you towards being able to render realistically. So it's extremely nice that I'm literally being taught how to draw. XD Tho, it's rough sometimes when all my classes don't allow for stylization of any kind (which has been the past two semesters). But I have a Figure Drawing class this semester and the instructor is being pretty cool and wants us to experiment and stylize if we want. So yeeeaaaah... pretty fun overall! Although pretty frustrating and challenging also... which is still nice.