Saturday, June 13, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Yesterday was the gallery exhibition/fashion show "Let Them Eat Cake" at Heaven Gallery.
I had, or was planned, on having four pieces in the show. Really, I only saw two. And when I got there, they were on the floor.

After talking to one of the guys at the door, he kindly pointed out another artist who had to hang up her work, and said I should just ask her for help. So I asked her and she was kind enough to let me borrow her hammer and nails. After some banging and adjusting, my work was up!

I still have no idea where my other two pieces were hanging, unless a) they were somewhere I didn't know about, or b) the woman just didn't want to tell me they weren't put up. In reality, I would have liked to just be told if they weren't put up, but who knows.

Apart from the disappointment when I got there with the state of my work, the show was pretty fun! There was a good amount of people, some interesting work on the walls, and a pretty good fashion show with work by Justin White.

Now I shall be off to pick up my work from the gallery. It was a fun experience, and I'm definitely looking for more gallery opportunities. Really, the show made me want to host/throw an art gallery/apartment deal, but unfortunately I live in a basement on the southside... not really the best place for one. But if I do get an apartment in Chicago, you can bet I'll be gearing it for some arts stuffs.

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