Friday, October 9, 2015

APE 2015

Allentine on the right and myself on the left

Alternative Press Expo was a lot of fun this year, even with the change of venue and my need to commute to the Bay Area after moving to LA. Although there was definitely less attendees than last year when the convention took place in San Francisco, people still came out to San Jose. The table setups were nicer and the venue was cooler (Literally. Last year it got so hot inside!). However, the crowd wasn't as strong as previous years.

dat table tho...

I shared a booth with my friends who I tabled with last year, Allentine and Andy! I had a great time with them at APE and celebrating afterwards. I met a lot of cool people but wish I had more time to visit more artists who were tabling. Every time I made to dash away more people came to the booth, which is what you want at a convention, but I also would have liked to check the event out more.

my setup

I sold quite a few copies of my comic War Days which made me really excited. Thanks everyone who purchased a copy! You can now read War Days on my website. Also popular was our collaborative zine, Paws 'N Popcorn! We decided on a theme of TV shows and movies, making the characters into animals. You can still snag a copy of our zine and my comic on my Etsy shop! I would like to share with you now my contribution to Paws 'N Popcorn.

The IT Crowd

The X-Files

I had a lot of fun at APE this year and will definitely be returning next year with my next issue of War Days. Hopefully the attendance will bounce back from the change of venue. Thanks everyone who came out!

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