Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We Are Made of Star Stuff

I'm a big fan of science. I really enjoy reading books about future science, breakdowns of theory, and larger metaphors that science brings to humanity and life. Last year for APE I wanted to create some scientist portraits for prints but didn't have enough time. It shan't be so this year! I just finished the first in the series... one of my all-time favorite scientists, writers, and thinkers... Carl Sagan.

get them thoughts on paper

First was a lot of research and ideas. I had just finished reading Pale Blue Dot, so Sagan's voice and ideas were fresh in my brain. I also watched a ton of Cosmos while sketching.

notes and sketching

draw all the Sagans!

Once I had the idea down and drew Sagan a bunch of times to get a feel for his facial features and attitude, I settled on a pose and layout. Time for drawing and inking!

finished pencil drawing

After I settled on the drawing and liked how he looked, it was time to transfer to some bristol and get to inking.

love me some croquill dip pens... Hunt 102 for life!

completed inked portrait

There were other elements I needed to execute traditionally before getting digital. I painted a watercolor space sky with stars and a violet/red color scheme. I also wanted to have a border for the illustration with icons from the scientist's work and interests.

billions and billions....

After I had all the elements traditionally inked and painted, the power of Photoshop was needed. I colored digitally, messed around with a few different concepts, and settled on the final illustration.

I'll have prints this October at APE (Alternative Press Expo) so come out if you want one! Next on the roster... Neil deGrasse Tyson, of course!

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