Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holy Awesome Wild Cats!

Yesterday, with much excitement, I went to AAU's Illustration Department's live wild cats drawing workshop. Needless to say it was super packed and awesome. Prepare yourselves for inspiring awe and beauty (via some pixelated, shaky-handed pictures).

First up was the lynx. Unfortunately I had to come over to the workshop right after class and so I missed some of the beginning of this beautiful lynx. It kept laying around and was pretty calm, which the trainer later mentioned can lead to the animal being more difficult since it's confident and laid-back it doesn't feel like (s)he needs to listen.

Then came my favorite of them all.

The cheetah.

This guy was the best model of them all, surprisingly! He's new to their program and so they were impressed with his demeanor.... good cheetah!

That's right. There's video. Shaky video, but video none the less.

It was a bit difficult to sketch standing and holding all my shit, while also being impressed with the animals. Luckily, I brought my brush pen. All I could really get down were gestures mostly, but the cheetahs face just kept drawing me in.

Next was the bobcat. This guy was only 6 months old and adorable!

He kept jumping on his trainer's back and rubbing against him... just so everyone was clear who was boss.

Lookit that FACE!

Ridiculously adorable.

Last was the African Serval.

I really liked the little white markings on this guy's big ears.

This was truly a wonderful experience and I'd like to escort you over to the Wild Cat Fund website for more information. Many of these cats are endangered or near extinction--as in the case of the cheetah. The cheetah is the only wild cat remaining who lived the same time as the sabre-tooth cat. The cheetah as made it through centuries of evolution and change, but it is man who will take it off this Earth. If you'd like to donate or learn more, please go to the Wild Cat Fund's website.

Also, unfortunately, I had video of these cats to share but Blogger is having a problem uploading my videos.. which sucks because seeing the cats in action was one of the most enjoyable experiences. I'll see about fixing this and if I can then I'll post them ASAP.


Angela Caggiano said...

This looks like it was awesome!

Chels (Cardigan Noir) said...

That looks like such a cool workshop! The cheetah was definitely inspiring and his face kept drawing my attention as well (shaky picture or not, he's so gorgeous! I really like the look of the serval too, but that baby bobcat stole the show with his cuteness. ^-^

Melisa Des Rosiers said...

It was pretty damn awesome, Angela. Yeah, the bobcat totally stole the cuteness show.. I mean, it was a BABY bobcat.. only six months old! The most awe-inspiring to me definitely had to be the cheetah... and the most entertaining was the serval with its hissing and sweet jump moves! Still need to test if changing the movie files to .avi will help in uploading them.