Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well, Holy @!#*

Hark! Yes, time sure has swept us by now, hasn't it? Prepare for a lengthy post, friends.

Firstly, I have made the trek cross country with the boy and friends to Oakland, CA!!! The road trip was "hella" fun and an experience I won't forget.

The latter part of Wyoming, Nevada, and California were the funnest parts of the drive simply due to the gorgeous landscapes.

Now that I'm finally feeling settled in (somewhat) to my new environment, it's time to get back to drawing! Here are a couple new sketches. More work to be posted in the future!

I haven't forgotten about my Catholic grammar school comic. Here is a sketch of my previous principal of that time... the scariest nun of them all.

This started as a sketch of a window and chair in my living room. I'm still playing around with the concept and may develop it further into an actual illustration.

Until next time!

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