Monday, August 4, 2008

More doodles from a sketchbook

More from the sketchbook... this is a girl and my infamous swirls. Whenever I'm bored or can't think of what to draw, I doodle spirals. I think I definately want to develop this one into either a painting or ink illustration.... I don't like the butt though. that definately needs fixing, and I'm going to work with her arm and hair a little more to make the drawing more dynamic. oh, and there will definately be more spirals.

This is a sketch from my book of a girl... just trying to alter my drawing style slightly and was playing around with free-drawing with the Rapidograph a lot on my sketchbook. I think her lower half, hips and legs area could be much better and curvy.... but I do like the looseness of her hair and the quickness of the drawing, albeit that some anatomical things are out of whack. This sketch may get developed in the near future.


lucinda said...

Isn't the picture very interesting,
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Anonymous said...

the butt is a bit flat. but i think its a good start. inflate the butt and you'll have something awesome. i think it would be neat to see it in a painting.

Andrea said...

I really like the girl's hair in the second picture. It is definitely very loose and fun.